Making Green Lifestyle Attractive

Monday posts give practical tips to go green.
On Tuesdays, we talk about the effect of some seemingly harmless actions.
Wednesday’s posts features amazing facts about the environment.
Thursday are usually a call to action to help people take that one step to help the earth.
Fridays are for environmental memes. We bring out the GRIN in the GREEN and employ the comedic angle to pass across the message of greening.
On Saturday, we celebrate people doing great works in the green space.
For Sunday’s, we share DIY eco friendly procedures and profile stores where eco friendly items can be purchased.
We also engage in physical outreaches, clean ups and are open to working with related organisations.


We spread the green word via our platforms to promote lifestyles that would help protect the planet.

We believe in living for today and tomorrow because our actions have lasting impact on the environment. These impacts which are called footprints are not known to many.

GreenWithGrin is set to be at the forefront of igniting eco consciousness in communities. We are raising environmentally conscious individuals that will be deliberate about making lifestyle changes to promote environmental sustainability and combat climate change.


Boost Your Sustainability Literacy16Feb
Boost Your Sustainability Literacy
It is not enough to claim to care about the environment! 😏 Action needs to be taken to back those words. 💪🏽But knowledge of what to do is also very important. GreenWithGrin does its best to enlighten us about environmental crises and solutions, but what have we done to boost our sustainability literacy on our...
Green Tips For Sustainable Cooking14Feb
Green Tips For Sustainable Cooking
Although people don’t always pair up food and sustainability together,they create a beautiful thing. 🌍🥘 Cooking sustainably is a great way to reduce your impact on the environment,people 👫🏾and animals.🐂 Unlike dining out or buying take outs where there are many layers of sourcing, preparation and packaging 🍱that you can’t control,cooking at home allows you...

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