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February 16, 20220

It is not enough to claim to care about the environment! 😏
Action needs to be taken to back those words. 💪🏽But knowledge of what to do is also very important. GreenWithGrin does its best to enlighten us about environmental crises and solutions, but what have we done to boost our sustainability literacy on our own?

Sustainability Literacy is demonstrating one’s awareness of issues that destabilize local and global relationships between economy, environment, and society, and having the knowledge necessary to make positive contributions.

A sustainable literate must be able to understand the need to change to a sustainable way of doing things, individually and collectively.

🤔What are the steps to be taken?

Head (Cognitive)
☘️Approach issues and situations from a systems perspective

☘️Understand fundamental ecological principles

☘️Think critically, solve problems creatively, and apply knowledge to new situations

☘️Assess the impacts and ethical effects of human technologies and actions

☘️Envision the long-term consequences of decisions

Heart (Emotional)
☘️Feel concern, empathy, and respect for other people and living things

☘️See from and appreciate multiple perspectives; work with and value others with different backgrounds, motivations, and intentions

☘️Commit to equity, justice, inclusivity, and respect for all people

Hands (Active)
☘️Create and use tools, objects, and procedures required by sustainable communities

☘️Turn convictions into practical and effective action.

☘️Assess and adjust uses of energy and resources

Spirit (Connectional)
• Experience wonder and awe toward nature
💚 Revere the Earth and all living things.
💚 Feel a strong bond and deep appreciation of place.
💚 Feel kinship with the natural world and invoke that feeling in others

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