Action ThursdayFix It, Don’t Ditch It!

November 14, 20170

Repairing or fixing something is more environmentally friendly than simply throwing things away, although the latter may seem easier and cheaper sometimes. The internet gives you access to the tools and information you need to fix practically anything, and if you still can’t fix it then why not try and turn it into something else?

The environmental benefits of repairing are mammoth, aside from minimising the volume of discarded materials and waste being sent to landfill each year.

Do you know what you do when you repair items and not throw them away?

πŸ’š You get to save materials from landfills
πŸ’š You reduce what goes into landfill
πŸ’š You are doing your bit for mother nature
πŸ’š Repairing an item brings a new life to it!
πŸ’š You have a skill to boast about.

How can you repair your items? Go to YouTube or just search on Ecosia, you will definitely find your way. Viola! you have your broken item, replaced and beautified by YOU – the true lover of mother nature!

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