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February 14, 20220

Although people don’t always pair up food and sustainability together,they create a beautiful thing. 🌍🥘

Cooking sustainably is a great way to reduce your impact on the environment,people 👫🏾and animals.🐂
Unlike dining out or buying take outs where there are many layers of sourcing, preparation and packaging 🍱that you can’t control,cooking at home allows you to make sustainable choices at every step of the process; from shopping to reducing food wastage 🥘

Ready to start cooking sustainably? Find out tips
1.Expand Your Cooking Skills:🥘
No matter where you stand with cooking abilities, there’s always room for improvement.🤩 When it comes to sustainable cooking, the more you know in the kitchen, the easier it is to create recipes and eco friendly delicacies.💰

2.Shop Locally
Visiting farmers markets allows you to obtain fresh, local food. More importantly, it gives you an opportunity to meet the people 👫🏾who produce the food you’re eating🥗. Being with those who know the food best allows you to ask questions about the growing techniques or even different ways to prepare it.

3.Eat More Plants🌱🍌
Eating more fruits and vegetables is not only healthier for our bodies, it’s also healthier for the planet. Adding more green foods 🥗to your diet reduces freshwater withdrawals as well as deforestation.

3. Eat Less meat 🍖
With meat production being a big contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, minimizing your meat intake is another step toward sustainable eating
Occasionally replacing meats with other sustainable food can make a significant difference.✅

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