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February 14, 20220

Human activities including fossil fuel burning (mainly from transportation, residential use, electricity generation, industrial production) significantly result in the emission of gases that trap heat and make the earth warmer. These gases are called Greenhouse gases (GHGs) and have been the dominant propellant of global warming and climate change. 🌧 🌞

🌬 Based on composition and implication, CO2 (carbon dioxide) has been of greater significance and detriment to the Earth constituting 81% according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Nevertheless, it has been widely justified that the terrestrial biosphere (the collective term for all the world’s land vegetation, soil, etc.) is an imperative factor in mitigating climate change, as it absorbs about 20% of the fossil fuel CO2 emissions.

Meanwhile, (forest) trees are a vital element of this terrestrial carbon sink and climate mitigator. They do wonders through a process called Carbon Sequestration!!! In this process, the trees capture CO2 and lock it up in their biomass through photosynthesis.

“But, how much of this CO2 did you know an average tree can absorb??”

Well, in case you have been wondering about what the answer to this question may be, wonder no more! 😁

A TREE can absorb about 22kg of CO2 per year according to the European Environmental Agency (EEA), (although this may vary with species, site, management, etc.).

This means that if a tree is allowed to remain alive for 40 years, it will have sequestered approximately 1 ton of CO2. 😱 🌳🌳

While this may be relatively insignificant compared to the about 40 billion tons of CO2 released into the atmosphere by humans per annum globally, you and I would agree that if these trees are cumulatively and individually sustained and planted (in billions), globally, then there would be HOPE as we’ve got great potential in them!
So, endeavour to contribute to sustaining this potential by planting trees! 🌳🌳

However, need I remind you that, as much we attempt to increase the carbon sequestration potential through afforestation/reforestation projects, the sources from which the carbon comes still have to be checked and mitigated.

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